Belize Cacao Symposium Early Bird Special Expires Tomorrow!

Feb 28, 2019 | Symposium

We are counting down the days now and inching closer to our first ever Sustainable Specialty Agriculture Symposium in Belize, May 9th to 12th.

Since we announced the event back in January, we have signed up faculty members and speakers from around the globe.

Our Key-note Speaker Werner Rüegsegger, Swiss Chocolate Maker is flying in from Switzerland and Andres Lopez, Specialty Coffee/Cacao farming expert is joining us from Panama.

We are very proud to have Jacques Cöp, a Raw Chocolate Maker from the United Kingdom and Oliver Van Nueten, the youngest Master Chocolatier out of Belgium also joining our panel of experts.

And our latest addition to this all-star cast is Sophie Vanderbecken, also from Belgium but flying in from her home base of Mexico where she created the Xocoteca – a chest of aromas and raw materials used to train farmers how to taste cacao and chocolate!

We also have a group of local Maya cacao specialists who will be discussing farming, processing and evaluating cacao. As well as some additional topics on coffee and vanilla production!

To further add to the international flavor of the Symposium we have special guests flying in from the US, Europe and as far away as Japan!

You can read about most them in our Symposium page where you can also sign up to reserve some of the remaining seats. But you will have to join us live to meet them all!

Early Bird discount expires at midnight tomorrow night!

Sign up now and save yourself $100 off the entry price.

Adults $495, $395   Students and Millennials $295 $195Sign up now and be a apart of this amazing event if you are involved in the cacao industry in any role whatsoever.

We would love to see you here in Beautiful Belize!