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Our 100% Belizean Fine Flavor Cacao

Diverse flavor notes from our Belizean blend

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Tropical Fruits



Processed Cacao Highlights

IMO Certified Organic

3-Tier Wood Box Fermentation

Fermentation above 80%

6.5% Moisture Ratio

Passive Solar Dried

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 Vertically Integrated
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Proprietary Cacao Nursery

The nursery saplings are grown from carefully selected seeds from “mother” trees…


Harvested by Hand

We harvest only the ripest pods at their peak to produce the most flavorful cacao…


3-Tier Centralized Wood Box Fermenting

The fermentation process is key in developing the natural fine flavor of our cacao. To ensure the best quality cacao…

Passive Solar Drying

Our beans are dried until they reach a moisture content of 6.5% and we do this using passive solar energy under bright, sunny conditions…

Fine Flavor Cacao Varietals

Select Cacao Varietals. Certified Organic from Seed to Bean.


Represents approximately 98% of the Peini Cacao Plantation. Trinitario is a hybrid of Criollo and Forastero cacao combining some of the aromatic and sensory features of the former with the vigour and high yields of the latter.



The most rounded cacao of all, the annual quantity of ultra-high purity cacao makes up less than 1% of the Peini Cacao Plantation.



More frequently cultivated because of its greater resistance, but with little aromatic finesse, Forastero is the most common and also the least prized cacao in the world.


Cacao is the base ingredient in chocolate. However, all cacao is not created equally.

In Belize, our farms are made up predominantly of the Trinitario cacao variety (with a small percentage of Criollo).  The Trinitario is a meticulously hand-grafted hybrid from the (harder to grow) Criollo known for its fine flavor chocolate and Forastero, a hardier cacao tree that is more resistant to weather and disease.

The Trinitario cacao variety was specifically chosen because it is the best of both worlds, a durable tree with high production that also produces high quality beans with all the traits necessary to produce fine flavor chocolate.

Our unique organic “Peini” blend offers deep notes of nuts, tropical fruits, vanilla and coconuts.

Currently we have 3 farms established consisting of a total of 107 acres of Fine Flavor, Certified Organic cacao and, most importantly, all of our farms are operated using environmentally and socially sustainable practices.